After a lot of encouragement and help, I have taken one giant step and started my own blog. (There are some of you that will say it is about time.) Baby steps, baby steps…

This process started about 3 years ago. For personal reasons, I was reluctant to do Facebook, Twitter or even blog. In April 2012, after mentioning to Tina that the blog really didn’t do anything for me, I took on the challenge of updating the Cafe Crop blog.  At that time it was a generic theme, so I asked if I could change it. She agreed. (I knew nothing about doing a blog, but loved taking pictures.) So while Tina was away, I worked on the blog and made changes.  Everyone was pleased with the results. At that time I did not want to use my name, so I wrote as Inky Fingers. I have been working on it ever since.

The next baby step was signing up for Facebook. Even my daughter was trying to get me to do Facebook. Finally in November 2012, I joined Facebook. For a long time I was a silent follower, reading posts, liking posts, and writing some comments, but not doing much posting. I am starting to be more active and posting more. I even use Messenger. I am even thinking about actually adding my photo to my page (when I find a picture I like). Updated 2/28/2016 I have added my photo and an about me section.

Last year Ken switched the blog Scrappetizers to WordPress, and I wasn’t ready for change. I was also busy working on designing cards for the  Christmas Card Club. So many changes were going on at home and at the store. I just didn’t get to the blog.

Fast forward to 2015. My resolution for this year was to start my own blog.  I mentioned it to Tina, we brainstormed some names and ideas. I had decided on Lisa’s Ink, Paint and Paper. Then I made the “mistake” of mentioning it to Ken, and said I that I may need some help setting it up sometime. Sometime ended up being right then.  In no time at all, Ken had it all set up. Now there was no turning back (sometimes we all need a little shove push). That was January 24th. I have been working on it behind the scenes getting it all ready.

My vision for the blog is to:

  • share things I create
  • share tips and techniques
  • post tutorials

The giant step will be when I hit the publish button.