in my dreams at least. Here in Northwest Indiana we are in the middle of a snow storm.

I had fun using the Heartfelt Creations Tulip Time Collection to create this miniature flower pot. I used a small candle cup for the pot and the smallest flowers and leaves. A toothpick was used to attach the banner.

When started shaping the flowers, I didn’t have any problems shaping the flower buds. It took a bit more to figure out how attach it to the stem, but when I thought of the shape at the top stem as a seat (it reminded me of the seat on an old tractor pedal car we had growing up, I think it might still be in the attic). I still wasn’t happy with the way the flower was looking. Tulip leaves don’t stick out to the sides like arms, the wrap around the stems. So I took a piercing tool and wrapped the stem around it to form a tube. Then from the back, I pinched the leaves where they join stem to the front. I added a bit of glue to hold the leaves in front.


Now I am in love with the tulip. You can also pinch the leaves to the back of the flower stem.

For this 6″ x 6″ I used the smallest tulips and some of the filler flowers in the coffee pot. The background paper is the back of the center square.

These cards where part of a Make-n-Take at Cafe Crop in Merrillville, Indiana.

This is an A2 card, with the medium tulips bursting out from the center of the card.

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